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From the inception of this Institution in 1985, Our students come from all walks of life irrespective of cast, creed, religion, rich or poor, from North, South, East and West, which give the students a rich cultural experience and over all development.


  • Students will have partial blocks
  • 1st and 2nd year B.Sc. Nursing students will have Sunday off.
  • All other students’ duty and off will be arranged by the concerned teacher/ward.
  • No students will change their planned off without prior permission from the concerned teacher.
  • All the students are responsible for the total care of the allotted patients.
  • No students will go early from duty without handing over the patients to the concerned staff.
  • There will not be any adjustment with the timing of duty hours.
  • Students should use ID cards in the Hospital and Community.
  • Not allowed to use any ornaments during duty except small studs.

Overnight stay

students from different faiths are allowed to go home on any one of their feasts. Students are allowed to go home once in a month for half a day. No other permission letter will be accepted from parents for overnight.


Since students are going home every month there is no visiting day. Students who are not going home regularly can have their visitors in the hostel once in a month. No visitors are allowed in the clinicals/practicals or during their duty hours.


Students are not allowed to go for outing other than Sipri Bazar, which is the nearest market for general purchasing, that too only on scheduled days and time approved by the warden. In case they want to go for shopping or any other purpose they have to take permission from the college.

Vacation / Holidays

Annual Holidays Six weeks distributed as follows:

Christmas holidays - 15 days

Summer holidays - 30 days

Two weeks - Study leave

There will be classes on Saturdays and few of the public holidays

Sick Leave

There is no sick leave prescribed by the University or INC. In case they are sick, that day of clinical to be compensated. When students want to consult the doctor they should take the permission slip from the concerned class coordinator/warden. After consultation the slip must be submitted to the class coordinator. When the students are not able to come to the college submit a leave letter, signed by the warden to the class coordinator. The leave letter should be addressed to the Principal. The class coordinator will report to the principal. When she returns to college after her sickness she has to report to the class co-coordinator with completed leave form before going to duty or class. After the completion of the leave reporting is very essential before starting the clinical or classes. If not reporting that day also go as leave. The class coordinator will report and forward the leave form to the Principal.

Special Leave

Special leave will be permitted only in emergency situation and own sister’s or brother’s marriage. No other leave will be given. Permission letter of parent should be written & signed by parents themselves in whichever language possible for them. Students own letter will not be accepted. The letter should be addressed to the principal. With permission letter of parent, student approaches to the Class coordinator and she will forward this to the Principal with her comments. Irrespective of theory or clinical the special leaves will be made up by 8 hours clinical.

Lapsed Duty

All the clinical missed/failed duties will be given after the course completion, provided they have 80% attendance for the present academic year examinations.