Our college have only the residential program. All the students have to reside in the Students hostel provided by the college of nursing. Girls are not allowed to be as day scholar during their training period.

Overnight stay

Hindu and Muslim students are allowed to go home on any one of their feasts. Students are allowed to go home once in a month for half a day. No other permission letter will be accepted from parents for overnight.

Vacation / Holidays

Six weeks vacation (including holidays, year break, festival holidays etc.)
This six weeks we are distributing as:

  • 15 days - Christmas holidays
  • 30 days – summer holidays

Only two weeks for study leaves. There will be classes during some public holidays and Saturdays.

Special Leave

Special leave will be permitted only in emergency situation and own sister's or brother's marriage. No other leave will be given. Permission letter of parent should be written & signed by parents themselves in whichever language possible for them. Students own letter will not be accepted. The letter should be addressed to the principal. With permission letter of parent, student approaches to the Class co-coordinator and she will forward this to the Principal with her comments. Irrespective of theory or clinicals the special leaves will be made up by 8 hours clinicals.


Since students are going home every month there is no visiting day. Students who are not going home regularly can have their visitors in the hostel once in a month . No visitors are allowed in the clinicals during their duty hours.


Students are not allowed to go for outing other than Sipri Bazar. For purchasing necessary things go to Sipri only on scheduled days planned by warden. In case they want to go for shopping or any other purpose they have to take permission from the college.


  • All the students should keep up the discipline of the college, hospital, campus and hostel.
  • Ragging is prohibited even by court of law. In such cases students will be dismissed from this college.
  • Junior students if they have any such problem may have to report immediately to the concerned authorities.
  • Students are not allowed to enter in the hospital wards without permission other than duty hours.
  • The disciplinary committee can decide any disciplinary action against the students in serious mistakes.

Religious Activity

  • All the catholic students are expected to attend the religious activities organized by the institution.

Dress code

All the students are expected to use neat and acceptable dress. They should present themselves with a neat and tidy appearance. Jeans, pants and Short tops are not allowed in the college and hostel.