St. Jude’s Hospital College of nursing has its own parent hospital - St. Jude’s Hospital which is serving the patients from in and around Jhansi since the year 1956.. It is a multi specialty hospital, providing versatile experience to our students.

Other than our Hospital, they are also taken to some other multi specialty hospitals. For Psychiatric Nursing Clinical experience students go to Mansik Arogya Shala, Gwalior. For Community Health Nursing experience. We collaborate with Community Health Center at Badagov and two Primary Health centers. Other exposure programs include visits to water purification Plant Babina, Visits to Schools for specially abled Children.

In all these field studies they have also given the opportunity to interact with the people, no matter villagers those who are illiterate or people of learned township. This helps them to understand the situation and he lifestyle, cultural behaviors which can be the cause of good health or bad health. This interaction with the people around would also equip the students for handling and dealing with people in the hospital even when it is a trauma case with ease.

Thus with the outdoor exposures the students will able to handle not merely medical situations, but will grow stronger to handle any life situations in their life journey ahead.